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Presses elevator button to ascend to the 6th floor.

This body full of confusion sways back in forth
In this ascending egg shell white hallowed vessel.

The LED elevator sign flashes 1st floor.

While holding two Mango Dragonfruit drinks
From the local coffee shop, this man full of
Decisions is wondering what to do.

The LED elevator sign flashes 2nd floor.

Learning how to love, how to cherish,
How to nurture, and foster a relationship
Was never on any syllabi. It is a lesson
Filtered through the flashing pictures
On billboards. …

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It’s scary to see just how fragile humanity is

They think they are gods for making technology

They think they are heirs to Earth

They think they can control nature

Control me.

When the winds rapidly blow

They hide inside structures built from the soil

Which can be easily be put back

For years, they have been warned

But have not heeded my calls

Now they wish for mercy upon this land

This land for which I created for all

Life to thrive in

There is a balance that I must maintain.

I love providing a field in which fawns…

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I once knew the dragon that lived in the cave
In the furthest and most secluded part of the forest.

The dragon in the cave was my best friend who had
The wingspan of two small goats and a tail like that of an
Enlarged iguana.

The dragon in the cave shared secrets about the Earth
That no other living being has ever uttered.

I thought these secrets were all fables from a lonely creature,
Simply telling tales to keep me around.

Time after time again,
I was proven wrong.
I was proven incorrect.
I was shown a different perspective.

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A smile has planted itself
Upon my being
And it feels like home.

Spring has arrived
And as my allergies begin flare
My heart beats even stronger.

Trees once bare
Bloom with new life.
A new sense of purpose.

I have studied these trees.
Some are a part of forests
While others are isolated
Waning near the city streets.

Everyday trees far and wide
Discuss the hardships
Of their existence.

And though many of them
Have fallen prey to the
Neediness of humanity’s
Ambition for expansion,
They never back down.

For each tree has passed down
Their stories of sacrifice.
They passed…

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

A Black woman’s smile is like watching
The sun rise over the mountains,
Passed the babbling brook surrounded by tulips,
With gazelles gracefully gliding across the evergreen.

To see in full view the smile of a Black woman is to be
Blinded by the sight of the heavenly goddesses of which
We call the sun, moon, and the stars all at once.

The smile of a Black woman is ambiguous; an anomaly.
For no cis, gender-fluid, non-binary, sentient being has
Ever fully understood the meaning of such art, of such quality.

The smile of a Black woman is bold, forthright…

Photo by Monty Allen on Unsplash

The future.
It is a continuous wave,
and yet unpredictable in terms
of its movement.

The past.
It is the baby bird who knows
what the busy streets did to its sibling,
thus it avoids the daylight hours
to have a chance.

The present.
It is a tall cypress who cares
not what storms lurk in the distance
and yet, bears the scars of the cutthroat winds.
It knows to sway with the wind for going with
the flow is how it maintains its survival.

I am a being made from someone’s past choices.
I live in the present to take…

Photo by Josue Ladoo Pelegrin on Unsplash

I remember the time we went down to the dock
To take in the sounds of the crackling ocean
With a wind chill that kept ice cream forever frozen.

I remember the time we went to The Eatery
In which the portion sizes of the food
Remind me of your momma’s home cook’in.

I still can’t believe someone quit
Right in the middle of the dinner rush.

I remember the time we went to that one party
Full of laughter, full of libations, full of love.
Everyday felt like that when we were together.

I remember the nights we would…

Photo by Martin Robles on Unsplash

Pay attention to the life lessons the ice brings in the winter.

So clear.

So pristine.

It is a natural marvel to witness how water
Can be shaped into something so unique.

Like an aging body, it begins to show its faults over time; cracks.

It reveals how fragile it is all depending on the amount of love
That fell from the heavens.

Like the tactless child simply wishing he had a parent to guide them,
Ice can be just as harsh; jaded.

Piece by piece the ice begins to crack and melt into obscurity.

The ice transforms into what it once was — but wait . . .
A change; perspective.

Life brings great beauty and pain.

Must we all be as thick as solid ice to allow someone in?

Letting someone see what is beneath the surface is nature’s gift

To us all.

Photo by ARTUR KERKHOFF on Unsplash

I think it’s too soon.

Far too soon.

The stitches are still visible
Though the pain has subsided —mostly.

The marks and scars are almost healed,
But still may draw questions from friends.

My new healer, confidant, shepard
Into the light out of the darkness
I resided has come and…
I question it.

Is this still too soon?

My heart needing mending
Like a sword needing a whetstone,
Yet such a weapon is nervous to
Be unsheathed to the elements again.
To be seen again by others.
To be held and cared for by another.

Is this still too soon?

Javon Goard

I am a poet. I am a games researcher. I am a roller skater.

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